On a Lighter Note

On a Lighter Note

Our granddaughter Lucy is following in her Pop’s footsteps as a fan of the Oakland Athletics. Since this will be our last year in the Bay Area, we’re hoping it’ll be a good one for our team. We’re off to a great start; we’re in last place right now. It seems that when the A’s begin the season poorly they end up doing really well, so we’re counting on that magic to happen again.

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  1. Carol Owens, Grace Baptist Church, Seaford

    Not related to the baseball game, but still a light note:   our ladies class at Grace the WOG’s (Women of Grace) has just finished a 12 week study on your book.  We all loved it and couldn’t believe the purpose was to encourage missionaries since we all thought your struggles and lthe Lord’s life lessons applied to our own lives in the USA perfectly. Anyway we would like to send you some comments that our gals wrote; each about her favorite part of We Wait You.  Would you mind sending your addres or email to me at [email protected] so we could either email or mail our notes to you?   Thanks so much.     Carol Owens, SEaford, DE


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