An Oasis in the Desert

A book reading with my parents' friends in the desert

A book reading with my parents’ friends in the desert

Steve and I just returned from a seven-day, 1800-mile road trip through the Southwest. We left San Francisco in a torrential downpour, sweltered under the Arizona sun, and drank in the beauty of the California coast – probably for the last time. We visited lots of relatives and celebrated four of their birthdays. In Arizona, my parents invited their friends (who are fans of my book) over for coffee one morning. My college student nephews took in a Spring Training game with us. En route to Los Angeles, we visited a museum in the California desert commemorating another relative (my cousin General Patton). Yesterday, we were Hollywood tourists with my stepson as our guide. It’s been a fun week and we are pleasantly tired.

I came home to news from more people who have bought large quantities of We Wait You for book clubs, Bible studies, informal reading groups, Sunday School classes, gifts for ministry partners, even a Bunco group. This last month, I’ve been busy speaking at a few of these local small group gatherings. I’m loving these creative marketing ideas!

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