Christian Book Expo in Dallas

Next weekend, my book will be participating in a special event, without me. The first-time ever Christian Book Expo will be held March 19-22 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. They are expecting 15,000 people to attend. Besides regular bookreaders, several ministries and large bookstores will come to buy books and hear from authors.

I’d appreciate your prayers that We Wait You will be noticed! I’m praying that God will smooth the road before me and cause my book to stand out in the vast sea of books, especially to missions organizations and home schooling networks. If you remember from my meager marketing strategy, my #1 point is to PRAY. For a self-published book with no marketing or publicity dollars to be successful, it has to be God who makes it happen. It sure isn’t me . . .

If you happen to live in the Dallas area, please come to the Expo. You can come for just a day. If you’re interested, please contact me (click below my picture) and I can give you a discount code for $5 off your registration, making it only $19 per day.

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