An Unusual Thanksgiving

An Unusual Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving had a couple of firsts for me. I’ve never spent Thanksgiving in a hospital room before, although I know many others have and I have a new appreciation for their situation. This is also the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent exclusively with family since I was in high school.

Most years of my adult life, I’ve eaten the meal with teammates and a host of international students. Since we’ve been married, Steve and I have always invited the unconnected – whether students, internationals, singles or widows – to spend the day with us. This year, we tried to find people who were alone, but everyone we asked was already included at a relative’s table. It felt a bit strange not to share our meal with international students, but in hindsight, I see God’s wisdom in allowing our day to be reserved for family.

Before my father had his stroke, my brother and his family had their airline tickets to come to visit. On Thanksgiving day, we ate dinner at my house early in the afternoon, then traveled to the rehab hospital bearing pumpkin pie to share together with my father. I am so thankful to God for His goodness to me. He has never stopped doing good for us as a family, and we are grateful.

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