Grace that's Sufficient; Love that's Complete

Grace that's Sufficient; Love that's Complete

I love to mull over the words of old hymns like I would a book of poetry. To prepare my heart for Thanksgiving week, this morning I took some time to reflect on the many good gifts God has blessed me with – exceeding abundantly beyond all I could ask or imagine. I dusted off my old hymnal and stumbled upon the richness in the following hymn. I hope these truths will help you as you count your blessings. Indeed, every breath I take is a gift and is so much more than I deserve.His grace is sufficient; His love is complete.

From the first bright light of morning,
To the last warm glow of dusk;
Ev’ry breath we take is sacred,
For it is God’s gift to us.

In the season of our plenty,
In the season of our need;
We will find His grace sufficient,
We will find His love complete.

Safe within His hand that guides us,
Hidden in His healing wings;
Day by day His love provides us
Ev’ry good and perfect thing.

In thanksgiving, let us praise Him;
In thanksgiving, let us sing
Songs of praise and adoration
To our gracious Lord, and King.

(“In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him” was composed by Franz Joseph Haydn and is Austria’s national anthem. The words were penned by Claire Cloninger.)

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