The Glorious Muddle
glimpses of grace in the messiness of life

November 2, 2022

Early Life of a Newborn Book

The month of October is a blur to me. My third book, Sentenced to Life, was due on October 19 and arrived two weeks early: on October 5. Like any parent of a premature baby, I wasn’t quite prepared. I’ve been playing at catch-up ever since, without catching up exactly (and without much sleep). Maybe in a couple years . . .

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September 27, 2022

Coming Soon to the World

Funds are raised. Cover: designed. Editing: complete. Formatting: almost finished. Head: spinning. Three weeks remain until the birth of Sentenced to Life.


After surviving two of the hardest years of my life as a caregiver to both parents, summer’s slower pace was a healing balm to my soul. It’s not that I did nothing; I finished the first draft of one of my sequel novels. But one unfinished project still nagged at me.

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August 12, 2022

The Hardest Story to Write

More than two years ago, the guy in this photo asked me to write his memoir. I couldn’t say no. My husband and I had prayed for him for over a decade. Besides, he had an amazing story to tell. This guy, our friend Curtis Roberts, had just been released from San Quentin State Prison.  As a matter of fact, this photo was taken on his first day of freedom.

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July 30, 2022

Marking Grief by Remembering

Special anniversaries after a death are important times. We mark the significance by remembering.

This week I remembered. One year ago, we put my dad in his memory care home. Six months ago, he left that home for his eternal one.


June 27, 2022

Why Care about Another Disease?

It seems that every month we’re asked to don ribbons in colors of pink, red, green, blue, or yellow to bring awareness to a different and deadly disease. This past month, the color has been purple and the disease has been Alzheimer’s**.

How can you possibly care about one more disease? It’s only natural to choose the disease that has affected you or someone you love personally. Dementia is very personal to me.

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