Declaring His Glory

Some days, I am downright weary of trying to figure out what I should do to publicize and market We Wait You. I know the principle of spending money to make money, but it’s all so expensive and I’m not sure what is prudent. My book is very personal; it feels rather like I’m selling myself. The self-doubt begins to slither in. Why did I spend so many long months writing this book and reducing my hours (and paycheck) at work to get it done? Why did we invest the money and the excruciating months waiting to get it published? This morning, I poured this all out to our Father, and God spoke to my heart through David’s words in I Chronicles 16, His answers piercing straight to the core of my need as only He can. He gently restored my perspective today and gave me renewed energy to do the next step.

And He helped me remember why. It’s to make known among the nations what He has done, to tell of His wonderful acts and marvelous deeds, to ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name. I wrote my book with one aim: to declare His glory to the whole world. And what do I pray will be the result? That the hearts of those who seek Him will rejoice and they will look to Him and His strength (v. 10-11). This is my heart’s prayer for We Wait You. It’s not about me and never has been. I want the news of God’s greatness and goodness to get out. I guess I can keep going another day with that goal in mind.

1 thought on “Declaring His Glory

  1. Jason

    I am confident that God will direct you and do great things through your expereince and the words that express them. 
    I just found out today that you guys are moving. 🙁  Very sad.


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