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Today is a banner day! Two exciting things hit the presses (and cyberspace) for November and December. An excerpt from my book is the featured cover article on one of my favorite magazines, and I am their guest blogger online. Since Women of the Harvest is the first magazine that published an article of mine  ("Contentment: Is it as Elusive as it Seems?") back in 2003, they will always be dear to my heart. You need to sign up with a password to check out the current edition with the article “Where Thieves Do Not Break In,” but anyone can click here to read their blog. The blog series will be on “Writing Your Story,” and I’ll be blogging to women who have quite a significant story to tell. I’m hoping for lots of interaction from them and praying I truly minister to their needs. The first in the series is on journaling. A new blog will be posted on their website every Tuesday for the next two months. There’s also a little write-up about me on the side. Although I’ll gear the Women of the Harvest blog to a very specific audience, I’m hoping everyone can draw something out of it. So please tune in there and know that I’ll still post new blogs here, as usual.

The magazine has a circulation of almost 10,000 people, and these are the very people (women serving cross-culturally) who I had most in mind when I wrote my book. I loved meeting the Women of the Harvest staff in Colorado in July. I’m so enthusiastic about their goals and their mission. They get it. They truly know what missionary women need. I subscribed to their magazine when I lived in Hungary and as soon as it arrived, I devoured it cover-to-cover. They offer retreats for women living and ministering in countries other than their own to receive spiritual, emotional, and interpersonal refreshment. Beyond that, they get to be pampered. They can get their hair cut and styled, even get fashion advice. The retreats are held all over the world, and sometimes in the States for women on furlough. Only women who’ve been there, done that, know that when you get off the plane and step foot in a U.S. airport, immediately you feel dowdy and out-of-style.

My hope and prayer is that my article and blog will in turn be an encouragement to their readers, that it would give value to their voice and encourage them to tell their stories. Maybe a few of them would be drawn to read more in We Wait You. That would be the icing on an already-sweet cake for me.

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