I Love Lucy!

Steve, Lisa, and Lucy (with Lisa's brother Kyle in the background)

Steve, Lisa, and Lucy (with Lisa’s brother Kyle in the background)

I am proud to announce that our first grandchild, Lucy, arrived safe and sound at 3:44 AM on August 5th, born to Lisa and Raul Rios. She weighed in at 19-1/2 inches and 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Baby and mother are both healthy and everyone is happy. She’s the spitting image of Raul’s grandmother, named Graciella (Grace). This is bringing her middle name into question – whether she will be Lucia Bella or Lucia Graciella. I will let you know the verdict soon. Check out her full head of hair.

Pale in comparison, my book went into the Pre-Press stage that same day at 9:39 AM. It was a banner day for the Hutchisons. I’m delighted that our precious Lucy won the race to see who would come out first.


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