On Bypassing Motherhood and Going Straight to "Nana"

Working my magic with Lucy

Working my magic with Lucy

I think I’ve successfully leapfrogged over the hard part of parenting and gone straight for the fun stuff. It hasn’t quite been a week, but Steve and I just love our role as Pops and Nana. We spent all Sunday afternoon with our little Lucy, who is being spoiled from all directions. I think everyone who works in the Financial District of San Francisco has seen Steve’s photos of Lucy at least once, and I immortalized her sweet face on the world-wide web when she was just a few hours old.

It’s funny to me that I’m the first of my generation in my family and first among my peers to become a grandparent – especially since I was never a parent. My brother and two cousins all have children who range in age from teens to twenties. I was the last to marry but I beat them all in becoming a grandparent. Thank you, Lucia Bella!

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  1. Ronda Greenawalt


    Congratulations on your book publishing.  I have a soft spot for the peoploe of Hungary … specifically Budapest. 

     How amazing it is to be  a Grandmother .. I anticipate what Lucy wil call me … Ask Steve how Bob and Beppie came into being …… only Kyle knows. Lucy can call me anything …

    Being a mother has been an amazing journey but ….. I am a granddaughter of amazing grandparents ….and the awe  of having a granddaughter…I give thanks!!!  Thank you and Steve  for being there with you enthusiasim.  I would expect nothing less.





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