Living the Theme

I feel overwhelmed today. This is my one day per week to work on marketing my book, and it’s hard to concentrate with my head pounding from the repairman’s hammering outside my window. Too-full to-do lists and too little time make me feel suffocated. I know what to do when I feel this way. I put those things screaming for my attention aside and gingerly stepped over the missing boards in our deck to go for a walk. I needed fresh air and a chance to pour it all out to God. 

I am in over my head trying to do something I don’t know how to do – marketing. I’ve been here before. Maybe I’ve never published a book before, but I’ve felt helpless many times. I realized that, once again, I am living out the theme of We Wait You, and that thought comforted me. In 1990, when I first found out I’d be living in Romania, I knew I couldn’t do that on my own and I would have to depend on God as I never had before. He came through for me then, and He can do that again, now.

After all, I wrote We Wait You to have a broader appeal than just a story about missionaries, to missionaries. Do I really believe what I wrote, that the universal truth of my book is just as true for stay-at-home moms as it is for accountants or firefighters? Yes, I do. Whatever the Sovereign King of the Universe calls us to do, He will supply what we need to do it. Once again, today, I affirmed to Him that I will trust Him, and let His peace replace my panic.

My walk took me to my favorite French café. My headache lessened as I sipped a latte, penned this blog, and underlined point number one in my Marketing Strategy: Pray, pray, pray!

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