Word of Mouth, or The Buzz

Are you more inclined to purchase a book based on advertisements or because your friend told you that she just read the best book and you just have to buy it? For most of us, our friends’ opinions are what sway us. This week, two writers’ magazines have sent me articles about Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing, also called The Buzz. They agree that the most effective way to sell books is to spread the word from person to person. This is fantastic news for me! Since We Wait You is self-published, the well has pretty much run dry for an extensive marketing campaign. Word of Mouth Marketing is completely free.

Every day since publication, at least one person has contacted me and told me that they read my book and loved it. It is thrilling beyond words for me to receive these good reports, and I’m so grateful that you have taken the time to let me know your thoughts. Most of you are people I know personally, but some are one degree removed from me (you’re a friend of a friend). I’m going to be very bold and ask you to consider going a step (or two) further. Could you help me create a buzz about We Wait You? The articles suggest asking each satisfied reader to tell 10 friends, who will tell 10 friends, and so on, and so on. Hey, I’d be happy if you tell two or three friends! Another idea is to ask if you’d be willing to post a review online at one of  the sites where We Wait You is available and readers’ comments are shared:




The last idea, for those of you on Facebook, is to create a fan club and become the first fan of We Wait You. Thanks for your help in spreading the buzz!


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