"Logical" and Lost

Tomorrow (March 24), our nation’s capital will host the Reason Rally. The organizers bill it as the “largest gathering of the secular movement in world history.” The group is using the terms secularism and atheism interchangeably and claiming that tomorrow will mark the official birth of the secular/atheist movement.

According to an article I read entitled “Why the Reason Rally is Unreasonable” by Rabbi Ben Hirschfield, the 38 scheduled speakers, including Professor Richard Dawkins and comedian Bill Maher, put their “faith in having no faith.” Hirschfield goes on to say that “this rally is not simply about protecting the rights of non-believers, but about the inferiority of religious belief.” He adds, “By suggesting that the rest of us who find meaning in faith makes us less than reasonable, is itself neither a fair nor reasonable suggestion.”

Some churches have planned to protest at the rally, feeding the stereotype that they’re unreasonable and judgmental. I wonder how Jesus would respond, if He was here? I think His heart would break for these lost people who He created. We get a glimpse of that in Matthew 9:36. “Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and downcast like sheep without a shepherd.”

My faith is the most reasonable thing about me, but Jesus’ love for me is not. His love is totally illogical. God the Son loved me from the beginning, knowing the very worst about me, and He still pursued me. I can’t fathom that. In a couple weeks, we will celebrate the greatest event the world has ever and will ever know. Jesus Christ took on human flesh and willingly gave up his life for people who rejected Him. He died for me, and He died for the secularists and atheists, too. Isn’t faith the most logical response to a love like that? Let’s pray that the unreasonable love of Christ finds them and never lets them go.

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