Eleven Years

Eleven Years

Tomorrow is our anniversary. It will be 11 years since the day Steve and I promised ourselves to each other "till death parts us." And it feels like only a few moments ago.

Our tenth anniversary was momentous. I’d spent weeks redoing our wedding album.  We were planning a celebratory trip to several countries in Central Europe, and then I was to start my job search in earnest as soon as we returned. But the day before our anniversary, Steve was whisked off to an emergency heart catheterization, in which he received four stents and a gift of several more years of life.

By contrast, this year feels anti-climatic. I’m glad we haven’t had the drama, but I realize that my time is too fragmented right now, with work and ministry and relationships and trying (somewhat) to keep up with housework. I love anticipating and planning and dreaming, always trying to have something somewhere down the road to look forward to. And I’ve hardly had a minute to think about the significance of tomorrow.

So I’m doing that now. And, as always, I am in awe of God’s choice for me of Steve. And amazed that Steve waited a decade for me while I sailed off to Eastern Europe. In Steve, God chose for me a man who is kind, fun, loyal, and dependable. A man who puts Jesus first. A man who I easily respect. A man who I will love forever. What did I ever do to deserve such a good gift?

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