Overshadowed by the Cross

March 31st was a day of celebrations for us. Besides Easter, it was also our 12th anniverary. With two huge events and a long weekend off from work, Steve and I traveled to Hilton Head Island to get away.482720_10151530240474269_793451481_n

Sunday began very early. We walked onto the beach in the dark for a glorious sunrise service we’ll never forget. By the time the worship ended and the sun rose over the Atlantic, we looked around and saw a huge crowd behind us. At breakfast later, one of the church deacons told us 900 people had come.

I didn’t even think about our anniversary until after the service, when new friends offered to take our picture next to the cross on the beach.

484032_10151530216709269_2099620469_nOur anniversary was overshadowed by Easter. I love the symbolism of that. Our marriage lives and thrives only in the shadow of the Cross of Christ.

I guess when we got married in the spring, we might have expected to share our day with Easter Sunday. But surprisingly, with Easter falling in either April or March, that has already happened two times in just twelve years. My head hurts when I try to figure the odds of that. Maybe it’s because I frequently need to remember.

I’m so grateful to God for the good – and unexpected – gift He gave me when Steve asked me to be his wife. As much as I love and enjoy my husband, he pales in comparison to Jesus. And that’s how it should be.


Our wedding at Tahoe

5 thoughts on “Overshadowed by the Cross

    1. Taryn Hutchison Post author

      Me too! One of the many good things that came out of that was getting to know the Conants!

  1. Kathy

    Happy Anniversary, Taryn and Steve!!!! Two of our favorite people! May you be blessed with many more years together!!!

  2. Jody Maurer

    I loved this, as our Bible Study was just discussing Christ’s return to get His bride…I loved your pictures, and look forward to someday meeting Steve. We are at least on the same coast now!


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