Overwhelming Grace

I’m relieved that a new year has begun. Steve and I started last year swimming in endless projects (mostly enjoyable), tackling the mammoth task of settling in to our new home and new community.  As if that wasn’t enough transition, we also helped my parents move, not once but twice, each time one month after my father had a stroke. That’s a lot for one calendar year.

On December 31 – the last possible day in 2010 – we moved my parents into a ground-floor apartment with a level parking place, necessary for Dad’s new walker and wheelchair. That morning, 17 people from 3 churches showed up to help. They brought 7 pick-up trucks (it is the South, after all) and finished everything in just 3 hours. These eager helpers were either complete strangers to my parents, or at the most, new acquaintances. It made me realize, once again, that we chose the right town.

I was overwhelmed with the love and support lavished on my parents; overwhelmed with God’s boundless grace and tender care. Later, I learned how perfect God’s timing had been. Now that it is 2011, changes in Medicare have gone into effect. This means that Dad is being cut loose from his home physical therapy visits and will only have outpatient care now. He can actually get into the car at this new apartment, which was a major undertaking from the old place. We had no idea how urgent this move needed to be. God knew and He provided in time.

I hope that 2011 will be an easier one for my family, but I don’t know what the future holds. However, I am certain of one thing: God will continue to overwhelm me with His grace and provision. I’m also counting on my new friends, both as the Body of Christ and as neighborly Southerners, to keep amazing me as well.

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