We Wait FOR You

I received a funny message from my website the other day. A gentleman in the U.K. had searched the web for a company in London called We Wait For You. This service provides people to come to your house and do the waiting that we all hate to do –  for the plumber, electrician, or deliveries – in your stead. (Brilliant idea, by the way.) Instead of finding the "waiting" company, this man ended up at my website, bought my book, and actually liked it enough to write me about it.

Several months ago, someone else asked me if I wrote under the penname Annabelle Townson. "No," I said. "I use my real name." My curiosity was piqued. Turns out Ms. Townson wrote a book with a title similar to mine, with one tiny word added. Her book is entitled We Wait For You and it’s also about post-communist Romania, minus the missionary angle. She anglicized the familiar term while I left it the way Romanians would say it (using their Dative grammatical case).  I’ve sold several copies of her book, by mistake. I hope she appreciates it.

I know I appreciate the business that the waiting company in London has given me.

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