Pushing Past the Wall

thQS57WGP1You know the mythical wall that marathon runners hit – about 4/5 of the way through the race? They simply run out of energy. They’re so tired they want to give up, but if they muster the strength to somehow push on, they usually get an extra boost at the end. Or so I’m told. (If you ever catch me running, call 911 because something really bad is chasing me. )

I recently smacked into that wall with my master’s degree. I’ve been in the program nearly three years, but it’s been two years since I had a break. One semester ends and after a weekend, the new one starts. I’m exhausted.

Now that I can see more in my rear-view mirror than the shrinking road ahead, I’m motivated. I’m in the final stretch and I’m determined to finish. You may think I’ve quit, that I’ve let my writing stagnate like an algae-filled pond. No way! I’m still plodding ahead, one quiet baby step after another. Silently learning, hopefully improving, and doing what I need to do to propel my writing forward.Stocksy_txp3f471e0eOYC000_Small_286920-377x269

What about you? Are you in a season where you’ve had to fade into the background? You feel invisible, muted. Maybe it’s voluntary, to better yourself with education or training. Or perhaps it’s necessary but not exactly your choice. You had to pull back, to give yourself time and space to recover. Or you’re starting over and it takes time to lay those tracks. Maybe you’re in an extended season of raising small children that feels like it’ll never end.

It may look like you’ve opted out, and you may even feel like you have at times. But who cares how it appears to others? Don’t give up! Things are still happening as you wait. This time of preparation and growth can be redeemed into something beautiful, for your good and His glory. You may not see the results for years, but nothing is wasted. God is in it all—even the painful or boring months and years.  He has a purpose for you, even when you feel unheard and unseen.

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Here’s what I see ahead of me:  In December, I’ll finish my final capstone portfolio (the completion of a fiction novel I started in the fall) and receive my master’s degree in writing. And before that, in May, I’m close enough to the finish line that I get to walk with my classmates in commencement. (After facilitating graduations for the last 14 years, finally it’s my turn!) Also, a history book that I researched and edited at work is due to be out the end of March.

But for now, I’m still in the sideline season, the season of laying things aside (such as this blog) to concentrate on the goal. One foot ahead of the other for years now, and I’m almost there. This season will end soon., and I can’t wait!

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