Spring bursts forth

Spring bursts forth

One of the reasons Steve and I chose to move back East is that we both are big fans of seasons. And we sure got our wish this winter. Everyone we meet in our new town apologizes to us about the record amount of snow, as though we hold them personally responsible. Fact is we have loved being in snow again.

But there’s a time for every season and now it’s time for winter to end. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt at this time each year that I lived in Eastern Europe. The winters were so gray and dull and long and cold. But one day about April, I would awake to see the world transformed from gray to a vibrant green, overnight. Oh, and the flowers were glorious. I used to say autumn is my favorite season, but nothing will ever compare to the brilliance of spring as it burst forth on the world in Eastern Europe. Springtime puts Easter in my heart, and I think of Jesus breaking free of His cold, dark tomb in all His transplendent glory. As Spring beckons life back into bare trees and sleeping bulbs, Jesus is restoring the world to its true beauty.

Secretly, I feared that our recent trip back to California was too soon; that we wouldn’t feel like we were coming “home” to North Carolina afterward. Our time in California was unpleasantly rainy and chilly, yet another snowstorm greeted us when we arrived at the Charlotte airport. In just two days, though, it had all melted and the temperatures had risen 30 degrees. Now our first flower, the crocus, has bloomed in our yard. Tiny buds have appeared on our pear trees. The birds greet us each morning with beautiful melodies. These first signs of spring (plus the five messages waiting for us on our answering machine) have welcomed us HOME with open arms and renewed our hope that a new season is opening before us. A season of being planted and putting down roots. A season of permanence in a place and with people we can’t wait to discover.

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