The Ball is Starting to Roll

My photo from the newspaper article

My photo from the newspaper article

Finally, after months of networking in a new and unfamiliar locale, things are starting to come together for my fledgling (and not-yet-profitable) writing career. A new friend has been coaching me in The Unwritten Rules of the South. She scared me into realizing that if I don’t network slowly here, I may burn more bridges than I build. I have chosen to follow her advice rather than the writing coaches who tell me I have to keep putting myself forward. After all, my goal has always been ministry over money.

In the next couple weeks, I have some speaking opportunities lined up – and I love to talk. Speaking is a way for me to minister face-to-face. When people buy my books afterward, my words can continue to touch their hearts long after the event is over. That brings me great joy.

Besides the two articles I’ve written for the Faith and Values section of our paper, I was recently featured in an article entitled "Missionary-Turned-Author Puts Down Roots." The second anthology book that I’ve had a short story published in (Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic) has been released, and the third one (Cup of Comfort) is on the presses. We Wait You is being translated into Romanian as I type this. And, as of this week, it is now available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.

The momentum has begun!

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