The Journey to "We Wait You"

My pace for writing We Wait You was about a chapter a month. I pored over ancient journals and letters, stopping when the memories became too raw. Half of the stories I wanted to tell just couldn’t fit. Steve often found me scribbling notes in the middle of the night. Change this word, cut this part, move this, don’t forget. . . . My memories were resuscitated with beloved friends half a world away visiting me in my dreams. It was a sweet and exhausting process.

At the same time, I did what I could to hone my craft. I went to writers conferences, joined a mentoring group, read tons of books on writing, continued to write articles and submit them for publication, and sent my book proposal to every publisher I could.

After I’d walked down every royalty publishing avenue open to me (and still hoping to print We Wait You before the twentieth anniversary of the 1989 revolutions), a special New Year’s Eve deadline came along with Wine Press. I didn’t feel ready; I wanted a few more people to read over my manuscript and give their input before I submitted it. However, the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge – through my husband’s voice telling me I’ll always find things to change and never feel ready, so I should just go for it.

Steve asked me why I want to publish We Wait You. I said, “To shout God’s greatness and goodness from the rooftops so people will love Him and trust Him for more.”

“Why else do we invest in ministry?” my dear husband asked, not hesitating at the production costs we had to pay (less than I expected, but still, a lot for someone as low-budget as me). I told Steve he never needs to buy me another birthday or Christmas gift for the rest of my life, secretly hoping he’ll forget by the time my November birthday rolls around.


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