Writer's Angst

As I wait to receive the first printed copy of my book, I am filled with all the typical writer’s angst. I make myself vulnerable, transparent even, in this book, and now I find I’ve bared my soul before anyone who picks it up. That’s a bit daunting. But a good writer must tell the truth, and that includes the truth about your own fears and foibles.

Another reason I’m nervous is that there will be some people who won’t like it at all, and I have to steel myself for their criticism. Hey, I’m a novice at the craft of writing; I know I have much room for improvement. But still, this is my baby and I feel protective.

I’m worried that some people will say, “Who does she think she is writing about her life as though she’s someone famous? She’s just a regular person.” That’s absolutely true, and that’s kind of the point of my book. I’m writing for all the other regular people out there, like me, who trusted in a supernatural God and then sat back, in amazement, to witness His powerful deeds. We Wait You is not really about me; it’s about God. The setting just happens to be my life in Eastern Europe because that’s the story God gave me to live and to tell. But He is the star.

Besides the anxiety, I’m also filled with a whole lot of hope. I’m hopeful that my book will resonate with some, becoming a voice for those who went, those who are going, and those who are coming home again. My ultimate dream is that all who read my book will see how awesome God is and believe Him for bigger things. And my deepest prayer is that He will receive glory through my meager offering.

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