The wait is almost over!

After a long and often excruciating summer waiting for the book and the baby, I will hold the first copy in my hands any day now. (It won’t be nearly as cuddly to hold as baby Lucy.) You might have noticed a new addition to this blog. To the right, under "My Book," the price is now listed. We Wait You retails at $17.99, but here on this site, it’s only $13.13. What a deal. If you click on "Buy This Book Now" you will go to the Wine Press online bookstore where you can order your copy. Well, at least, that’s how it should work, say, next week. Today, you’ll get the message that my book doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, it exists, and any day now, you can own it.

My publisher, Pleasant Word, is the print-on-demand arm of Wine Press. As soon as you demand a copy, they will print it and ship it to you. I chose this option because we don’t have space in our rented half of a house to store thousands of copies. (Besides, with Mill Valley’s mold and mildew problem, we’ve even had mushrooms growing in the baseboards –  not the best climate for books.) I’m excited that my publisher will handle the chore of mailing the books and keeping track of the money, so I don’t have to.

In 1-2 months, We Wait You will also be available on,, and However, clicking on "Buy This Book Now" here on this blog is the easiest and best way to order.

I’ll keep you posted when that long-awaited day arrives!

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