Travel through Books

Travel through Books

Our local library has come up with an inexpensive vacation plan. People are encouraged to travel the world without ever leaving home. The adult summer reading program, called Destinations Unlimited, includes books that take the reader to every continent of the world. And here’s the best part: my book is one of them. Every time someone reads a book on the list, they fill out a card about that book and are automatically entered to win a Kindle. It’s a genius idea to get people reading and visiting the library.

The most fun part for me is that I am one of the Visiting Authors who will speak about their book. (Of course, I’m not visiting since I live here, but that’s beside the point.) My turn to talk will be this Saturday. Since I’m new in town and my name was added to the speaking list after the publicity was mailed, I’m afraid my husband may be the only person who shows up. But I love to speak and I’m preparing for a whole roomful of people. Who knows what will happen? I’m just excited for this opportunity.

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  1. Loren

    I would totally come if I were there! Here’s to hoping you have a crowd! So fun and exciting. You’re so famous!


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