Waiting on God

Last week was all about a Missions Conference for college students held at the seminary where I work. (I even wrote an article for Baptist Press News afterward and had a book signing during the weekend.) The theme of the conference was God doing extraordinary things through everyday people. I was asked to give a seminar because I definitely fit the “ordinary people” category and I’ve had the awesome privilege of seeing God do some pretty impossible things in Eastern Europe. I love speaking and I love college students and it felt like the old days when I was on staff with Campus Crusade.

I told the students that in order to fulfill our extraordinary task, we wait on God to give us a couple things: His heart of compassion for the people to whom He’s called us and whatever we need each day to enable us to do what He calls us to do. We also wait on God to do what only He can – the impossible work of drawing people to Himself. But we’re not the only ones waiting. Everyone is waiting for something. In Eastern Europe, people waited for someone to set them free. Like every human being, they had that God-shaped vacuum inside, that nagging sense that there’s something more to life.

I challenged the students with a Big Question to answer with their lives: WHO WAITS FOR YOU? They can’t know what’s far off in the future, but they do know what their lives are like now. The opportunities to share Christ’s message and live His life in front of others are endless. So, I ask all of us: Who’s waiting for you now? And what can you do now to prepare for whatever God will have for you in the future?

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  1. Christi Mansel

    I have not been so challenged and convicted in just three paragraphs in a long time.  This was wonderful!  I am going to ask myself, "Who is waiting for me?" regularly and share this with others too.


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