What’s It All About?

imagesCABSVDTKIt felt like every day this last week provided a new reason to celebrate. Not only did many students around the country have off all week for Spring Break, but the always-fun Pi Day fell on 3.14 (as did Einstein’s 134th birthday), followed by the ominous Ides of March and festive St. Patrick’s Day. This week, we recognize the First Day of Spring and Palm Sunday. On a personal note, Steve and I celebrate our anniversary next week on the last day of March (with the first day of our married life having been one of my favorites – April Fool’s Day).

Many say that all of these happenings pale in comparison to the greatest event the world has ever and will ever know. Easter. But what exactly does Easter mean? What’s it all about?

To the little girls next door, it means wearing pretty pastel Easter dresses, hunting for brightly-dyed eggs, and eating basketfuls of candy the Easter bunny delivered. But that hardly sounds like the greatest event in world history.

Most of us realize that our modern secularized holidays have an older religious significance. Undoubtedly, you know Easter is about Jesus, but have you ever thought about why exactly he came to earth? A lot of people have died cruel martyr’s deaths; what’s so different about his? And what does he have to offer now, two millennia later, for you and me?  

When life falls apart, where do you turn? Who do you turn to?falling-plates

One thing Jesus offers is wholeness and healing and hope in a broken world.

And one of the best short videos to explain that is “Falling Plates.” Click here to watch four minutes of powerful visual images that demonstrate God’s love.

And if you like it, use this link to share it: http://bit.ly/FallingPlatesVideo. Or you can just share my blog post.

Easter: God’s love made real through Jesus.


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