Confrontation with Evil

Confrontation with Evil

How can we make sense out of senseless evil and violence? Whether you live in Aurora, Colorado or on the other side of the world, at times like this, we are reminded that we are not that different after all. We are all stunned.

There are no words.

Instead of attempting to post something, anything, that feels trite in the face of unspeakable tragedy, I will re-post two blogs from people I’ve never met. Two people whose lives are forever changed after that vicious, senseless attack. 

One was in the theater. It is raw emotion written the morning after the shooting, by a person who hadn’t slept at all. The blogger had 11 followers but this post went viral with over a million hits.

The other person waited in the hospital for news of a victim. The blogger tells the story of a miracle in the life of a 22-year-old woman, shot in the nose. When God knit her together all those years ago, He gave her a "birth defect," undetected until her surgery to remove the bullet. A fluid pocket, going from front to back in her brain, became the tunnel that safely held the bullet fired by a madman this week, saving her life.

Both still believe in the goodness of God. I hope you can, too.


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