Thumbs Up!

Yesterday my book was added to my Romanian publisher’s website! Even if you don’t read Romanian, and probably most of you do not, it might be fun for you to check out the link for "V-am Asteptat."

I loved finding a thumbs up button when I scrolled down below the write-up about the book. Romanians can click "Imi Place" ("I Like") to let people know they’re a fan, and they can add comments. Many of my American friends have tried to post reviews on amazon or like my book’s page on Facebook, and have ended up clicking on the wrong things. Whenever this happens, I always laugh since I stumble my way with technology and love to see that others are not techno-geniuses either. But I do realize that online comments and Like buttons help get the news out, so I’m hoping my Romanian friends can show the world how computer-savvy they are.

As thrillng as it is to have my book translated, what I’m most thankful for is the encouragement I’ve received from CLC Romania, my publishers. The director told me how excited she was to read my book again, as a finished product that she can hold in her hands. She closed her email to me with these words:  "We pray for this book to be a blessing for the Romanian people."

So do I.

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